Do you ever feel out of touch when you look in the mirror? Feel like you're missing that magic spark? Want to feel like "Royalty", but yet no time for yourself? Well, the answer is right around the corner! At the My Bella Color Studio, you can visit Erik, the answer to your hair! With his "Busy Little Queen & Company" magic, anything is possible! If you want to be a blonde, red head, brunnette, or even lengthen your hair that same day, he can do it and make you feel like a "King and/or Queen"!! Erik believes in making the best out what you have and with his twist, you will feel brand new,whether it be a Haircut, Haircolor, or Extensions. Burbank has given him the green light to work with anybody and love his work as you come out of his chair! Don't miss out on your opportunity!! Hope to see you soon!