This is how Kay tells it. One upon a time, my family was happy—notice how I said ONCE. Don’t get me wrong, I love Krag and Nightshade, but I’m talking about my biological parents. My dad married my mom; he forgot to mention that he was a prince of a country called Danland, and of course marrying a prince comes with obligations. For those of you like Krag, who don’t understand a word I’m saying, it means providing a strong heir. Meanwhile the Duchess of Gisborn was moving in on my dad. When I was born a few months early, they thought I wouldn’t be up to the challenge of ruling. When my mom wouldn’t provide another heir, they banished her. My dad went with us, back to Mobius and started playing the part of a regular father. A few months after I turned three, he left to go back to his own kingdom. A new life…without us… and with the duchess of Gisborn. Here’s a time line to help you out: Four months passed, I slept without a nightlight. Six months passed, Mom taught me how to ride extreme gear A year passed, we moved to a smaller town. Another year passed we found Nightshade and adopted her. A week passed, I started going to school A month passed, my uncle started teaching me how to play guitar. Another year passed, my mom…died in an accident. Nine years past, we move back to Mobius. Five months past, I meet my new best friend.